Accenture secures a contract with a new client

 Accenture secures a contract with a new client that has implemented very little automation across the organization and is unfamiliar with automation concepts in general. The client would like to start mapping out an automation journey at a high level, and develop plans for implementing it.

Which Accenture platform would best help the client in this scenario?

A. mySolution Planner

B. myCredential

C. myBuddy

D. my Wizard

 Based on the scenario described, the Accenture platform that would best help the client is mySolution Planner (option A).

mySolution Planner is a tool that helps organizations identify areas where automation can be implemented and develop a roadmap for automation. It provides a high-level view of the automation journey and helps organizations prioritize their automation initiatives based on potential impact and feasibility.

Given that the client is new to automation and has implemented little automation across the organization, mySolution Planner can help them understand the benefits of automation, identify areas where it can be implemented, and develop a plan for implementing it. It can also help the client understand the key concepts and considerations associated with automation, such as the types of processes that can be automated, the types of technologies that can be used, and the potential impact on the organization.

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The other options, myCredential, myBuddy, and my Wizard, are not specifically designed to help organizations map out their automation journey and develop plans for implementing it. myCredential is a platform that allows individuals to manage their digital credentials, myBuddy is an AI-powered chatbot that provides support to employees, and my Wizard is a virtual assistant that helps employees find information and complete tasks. While these platforms may be useful in other contexts, they are not the best fit for the scenario described.