Accenture TQ Agile & Devops Assessment Answers (2022)

Accenture TQ Agile & Devops Assessment Answers

Q. Which statement about Agile is true?

Ans: The result of each sprint is a high-quality increment of software or customer value.

Q. What is the optimal number of members for an Agile team?

Ans: approximately 10 people

Q . Which Agile approach helps teams improve their project cycle time by considering team capacity?

Ans: Kanban

Q. What is an Agile perspective on errors and mistakes in project development?

Ans: Mistakes can be caught early by working in short spurts that allow for immediate review, learning, and adjustment.

Q. What are key objectives of DevOps at IT Company A ?

Ans: to deliver services faster, with higher quality, and with built in security

Q .An IT Company A Technology team located in the US has added a new feature to an existing online ticketing platform. The team would like to have the new feature reviewed by other global teams using individual instances of the platform. Which technology, when combined with Agile and DevOps, will help the team receive real-time feedback?

Ans: Artificial Intelligence

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Q. Which Agile framework breaks workload into smaller increments to improve team focus and simplify testing?

Ans: Scrum

Q. What describes the relationship between Agile teams and project requirements?

Ans: Agile teams consider submitted requirements but focus more on the team’s expertise and perspective to develop the solution.

Q. Which term accurately describes Agile and DevOps?

Ans: a set of values and principles

Q. Which statement is true about Agile and DevOps?

Ans: Agile focuses on delivering customer value while DevOps focuses on testing.

Q. A global provider of navigation technology for smartphones has updated its Maps application with new locations and an enhanced user interface. Once launched, the older version of the application would be deleted from all user devices, and users would see the updated application immediately. Which DevOps process did the navigation provider use to enable the seamless application update?

Ans: continuous development and testing

Q. An IT Company A consulting team is tasked with developing a new client operating model and decide to follow the Waterfall approach. The team misses the client deadline because they did not work together and share information. For the next iteration, the team decides to work in a series of sprints, with brief daily meetings to ensure all team members collaborate effectively. Which Agile approach is described in this example?

Ans: Scrum

Q. What would be an outcome for IT Company A teams successfully adopting Agile ways of working?

Ans: increase in morale and employee engagement among team members

Q. What should an organization avoid using as the reason to pursue an Agile transformation? Ans : The desire to yield benefits from the project work as quickly and frequently as possible.

Q. Which statement describes a benefit of DevOps?

Ans: It enables the capability to continuously release software with high confidence.

Q. How can a DevOps team take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Ans: by using AI to collate data from multiple sources and assess existing automation to improve efficiency

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