How to Put Tissue Paper in a Large Gift Bag ( The Right Way)

How to Put Tissue Paper in a Large Gift Bag

How do you put tissue paper in a large gift bag? That’s what we’re going to cover today – all about how to put tissue paper in a large gift bag! So, read on if you need help!

How to put tissue paper in a gift bag

Measure the gift bag
Once you’ve measured the gift bag, fold the tissue paper in half lengthwise, so that it is now two times smaller than the gift bag. Carefully insert one end of the tissue paper into the corner of the gift bag and pull it tightly across until it is at least one inch from where you started. Fold over this part so that it adheres and then repeat on each side. Then, just fill up your large giftbag with all sorts of goodies! You can use tissue paper in any size or shape you want. And by using such a simple technique, even beginners will have no problem finding success putting tissue paper in a large gift bag!

Cut tissue paper
1) Fold the tissue paper in half and place it on top of the gift bag. 2) Fold the tissue paper over again and tuck it under the edge of the bag. 3) Use your hands to tug at both corners of the paper until they are snug against one another, forming a protective pocket for your gift. 4) Place your gift inside and pull up on both corners of the paper until they are tight around it. 5) Secure the tissue paper by tying a piece of string or ribbon around the outside opening of the bag. 6) Repeat these steps with any remaining pieces of tissue paper. 7) Finish by tying a bow. 8) Now you can easily put tissue paper in a large gift bag!

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Repeat until entire surface is covered with tissue paper

  1. Place the tissue paper on the table with the inside facing up 2. Place the large gift bag on top of the tissue paper with the opening facing down 3. Fold over one side of the tissue paper and lay it across one side of the large gift bag, then fold over another side and place it across another side of this same end 4. This is where you will start putting your items into the bag 5. Continue folding and unfolding until there is no more room in the bag 6. With all four sides folded over, fold all four corners together 7. Make sure they are tightly pressed together before going any further 8. Pull out one corner to make a small hole 9. Reach inside the hole 10. Grab one corner of the other three sides 11. Pull them out 12. Begin tucking each folded edge into that small hole 13. Keep doing so for all four edges 14. The last step is taking the handles of the bag and pulling them through the openings on either side 15. Voila! A perfect way to put tissue paper in a large gift bag
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Put first layer of tissue into the bag
The easiest way to put tissue paper into the bag is to start with the bottom layer. You can place one, or even two pieces of tissue paper on the bottom of the bag. It’s best if you fold them over so they don’t stick out and create an awkward bulge at the bottom. Once you have your first layer on, it’s time for the second layer. Place one, or up to three more layers of folded tissue paper. If you are looking for less bulk, try folding each piece as small as possible before putting it into the gift bag. Finally, tie off the tissue paper by making a bow around where you want the knot to be located.

Place your item into the gift bag
To put the tissue paper into the gift bag, first place one sheet of tissue paper on top of the gift. Next, fold it vertically in half so that the top and bottom corners are aligned with each other. Now fold it horizontally in half so that both diagonal corners are aligned with each other. Finally, tuck one corner into the opposite corner and voila! You should now have a neatly folded piece of tissue paper that can easily be placed inside any size gift bag. If you want your gift to be easier for you to carry, then all you need is two sheets of tissue paper. Fold them together as mentioned before and then wrap them around your item. Next, just place this tightly-wrapped package inside the gift bag. You can also choose to use only one sheet if you’re going for something simple or if your item isn’t too big or too heavy. In order to make sure that you don’t rip the bag, try folding the edge of your tissue paper over the top edge of the large gift bag. That way it won’t slip out from under itself while carrying it by its handles. The next time you’re packing up an oversized present, think about using tissue paper. Not only will it help protect your item but it will also provide extra cushioning in case the recipient decides to give the gift back. Remember: It’s always better to err on the side of caution when shipping items; after all, once they’re mailed there’s no turning back!

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