How to wrap a cheese board gift like a pro!

How to wrap a cheese board gift

If you have never wrapped a cheese board before, there are many steps to complete this delicate task. Follow our guide on how to wrap a cheese board gift like a pro and impress everyone with your presentation skills! You’ll be wrapping cheese boards in no time!

Cheese Boards 101
A cheese board is the perfect hostess or holiday present. It’s easy and inexpensive to prepare, but many people are unsure of how to properly gift wrap one for the giftee. Here are three ways to make sure that your cheese board doesn’t end up looking like it was thrown in a box:
1) Wrap it with string – Cheese boards don’t take up much room, so they can be easily wrapped with some string. Simply cut off an appropriate length of string, crisscross it over the cheese board and tie it tightly at both ends. 2) Layer with wax paper – Place a sheet of wax paper on top of the cheese board before wrapping with string. 3) Create a gift sandwich – Layer wax paper on top of both sides of the breadboard before wrapping as usual. Then tie them together using twine to create an envelope-like package.

Different Ways to Wrap a Cheese Board gift like a pro and Impress Everyone

  • 1) Wrap the cheese board with colorful paper and tie it off with ribbon.
  • 2) Wrap the cheese board in fabric and tie it off with ribbon.
  • 3) Place the wrapped cheese board on a serving tray, top it with tea towels, wine glasses, or champagne flutes.
  • 4) Wrap the wrapped cheese board in butcher paper and tie it off with twine.
  • 5) Wrap the wrapped cheese board in tin foil and tie it off with ribbon.
  • 6) Wrap the wrapped cheese board in burlap and tie it off with string.
  • 7) Present the wrapped cheese board atop a stack of newspapers for an old-fashioned look.
  • 8) Cut out pictures from magazines that represent your friendship and place them around the cheese board before wrapping it up.
  • 9) Take items from your kitchen that represent your friendship, such as spices, utensils, cookware, etc., and wrap them together with the cheese board.
  • 10) Wrap the cheese board with multiple layers of tissue paper, add a bow on top, and then slip it inside a nice box.
  • 11) Wrap the cheese board with newspaper and tie it off with string.
  • 12) Create a cute tower by wrapping the cheese board in three pieces of matching patterned fabric, adding your favorite accessories like candles, salt & pepper shakers, or placemats at different levels.
  • 13) Cover the bottom of a basket or large bowl with tissue paper and then set the wrapped cheese board down into it.
  • 14) Fill a vase with ice cubes and cover the top of the vase with aluminum foil before placing the wrapped cheese board onto it.
  • 15) Set the wrapped cheese board on a serving tray and dress it up with other gourmet goodies like artisan crackers, jam, pickles, honey sticks, nuts, olives – anything you can think of!
  • 16) Wrap the whole thing up in brown craft paper (this is my personal favorite), tie it off with baker’s twine for added detail.
  • 17) Tape gold lettering to the outside that says Thank You with a little heart drawn next to it.
  • 18) Make sure you attach clear instructions so they know how to care for their new cheese board, i.e., wash only with dish soap and not submerge under water!
  • 19) Add some information about where they can find recipes or how they should store their new cheese board.
  • 20) For an extra special touch, include a small jar of preserves that goes well with the cheese board.
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Wrapping Example 1
This one is for all of you out there who are wrapping up a cheeseboard for the first time. You’ve been invited over for dinner and want to bring something special. We know how hard it can be to find the perfect thing when everything in your kitchen has already been given away as gifts, so we’ve done some research and put together an easy guide on how to create the perfect cheese board wrap that will make you look like you’re an old pro. First, start with a rectangular piece of paper or gift bag that is larger than the surface area of your board. If you’re using a paper bag then cut two sides off so it’s open-ended. Place the paper flat on top of your board then fold down about an inch along each side and use double-sided tape to keep them secure. Fold up about an inch at the top edge to form a lip before folding down again and securing with more double sided tape. Now, add the ribbon! Cut a long length of ribbon and tie it into a bow. The width of the ribbon should be just enough to cover both edges where you taped down (if you’re using paper). Pull tightly from both ends until bow forms. Now tuck each end underneath itself, creating loops. Take the smaller loop and slip it inside the bigger loop. Gently pull upwards to tighten. Your cheese board is now beautifully wrapped and ready to go!

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