Looking for sustainable, eco friendly products? Check out this list

There are hundreds of eco friendly products and companies out there, making it hard to decide which ones to support with your hard-earned money. Luckily, this list of sustainable, eco friendly products will give you some ideas of where to start looking! It’s organized into several different sections so you can get exactly what you need. If you don’t see the kind of product or company you want to support, start your own company! We’re sure that once people know about all the great things you’re doing, they’ll be happy to buy from you!

Better Water Bottles

If you’re looking to make a more environmentally friendly switch, consider getting rid of plastic water bottles in favor of reusable ones. You can find a variety of styles online—and most are under $20. One popular option is a stainless steel water bottle with an internal filter that keeps your water tasting fresh and crisp. Other options include glass or aluminum bottles. And don’t forget the portable filters – they’re perfect for traveling or backpacking trips and the cost is usually less than $25.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

There are a lot of ways to be more environmentally-friendly. For some people, however, going green means brushing with bamboo. Bamboo is a very fast growing plants on the planet. The sustainability and strength of these toothbrushes make them an ideal alternative to plastic—it’s said that a bamboo toothbrush will actually biodegrade in about three months. Although many claim that switching to bamboo is better for your teeth, there’s no research confirming it reduces plaque or fights gingivitis. Regardless of its impact on oral health, there are still plenty of reasons to make a switch—the most significant being environmental responsibility. This product checks off every single box when it comes to making eco-friendly changes in your life.

Unpackaged Brands

In 2012 Unpackaged launched a line of green household goods made from 100% post-consumer recycled and recyclable materials—from recycled newspapers to plastic bags. The company has a three-step approach to producing environmentally friendly goods: 1) looking at what’s in our waste stream; 2) using that material in an innovative way; 3) taking it one step further by making a product that people will actually want to buy. As founder Rachelle Strauss says, We all want to reduce our environmental footprint in some way but we don’t always know how or where to start. You don’t have to be an environmental scientist or zero-waste warrior (though it helps!) to make your home just a little greener. Here are five small changes you can make today:
1) Switch to reusable containers like glass jars, cloth produce bags, stainless steel lunch boxes and silicone ice cube trays instead of plastic ones.
2) Reuse old t-shirts as dish towels.
3) Buy toilet paper rolls instead of buying paper towels.
4) Bring your own coffee mug when you go out for coffee and remember to ask for a paper cup with no lid if you want it hot on the go (these can’t get tossed). Fill the cup with water instead of getting bottled water if you need something cold.
5) Start composting! Compost bins are available in most grocery stores and come pre-loaded with starter soil. Simply dump your fruit peels, tea leaves, egg shells and vegetable scraps into the bin and wait for them to break down into healthy garden soil that’s ready to plant into. Composting is better than throwing these things away because they’re filling up landfills–and landfills release methane gas which is more potent than carbon dioxide gas–into the atmosphere contributing significantly to global warming!

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Chlorine Free Shower Gel

One of my favorite things about switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle is that it’s become super easy to go green on a budget. There are tons of affordable chemical-free options available online and locally so you can shop around and find what works best for you. One item I’ve been pleasantly surprised by are chlorine free shower gels. They lather just as well (if not better) than your average soap or shampoo but with none of the chemicals, additives or hidden nasties we don’t want in our bodies or waterways.

Sustainable fashion clothing

Sustainable fashion is clothing produced in a way that considers environmental conservation and social justice. Sustainable fashion apparel looks good on anyone who wears it and feels good in their heart when they wear it. Sustainable fashion is a fashionable investment choice to make because its cost benefit lasts over time while maintaining its high value appearance. We believe that sustainability should be at the forefront of our minds as we choose what to buy and consume. We hope you will find this list of sustainable, eco-friendly products helpful in finding what you need for your day-to-day needs! Mila Chasten (the founder) recommends using renewable energy sources to power electronics such as cell phones, laptops, or desktop computers; waterless car wash shampoos; light weight materials; organic cotton bedding sets; bamboo toothbrushes and cloth menstrual pads.
These are just some of the many environmentally conscious items available online!

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Eco Cleaners

There are plenty of natural ways to clean your home that do not contain harmful chemicals. There are also specific cleaners you can use to combat allergens in your home. Baking soda is a great all-purpose cleaner; combine it with water and vinegar or lemon juice for an even more powerful cleaning solution. Vinegar works well at killing mold and other bacteria – just spray it on and let sit for 5 minutes before wiping away. Lemon juice makes a great bleach alternative; some people swear by its cleaning power (particularly if mixed with salt). White vinegar is effective at cleaning toilets, as well as removing hard water stains from glass shower doors or faucets. You can use Olive oil as a furniture polish, but it to leave spots if you’re not careful.

Toilet Brushes

These days you can choose from a variety of compostable toilet brushes (often made from wood fibers) that are biodegradable and will fit into most toilets. Some work using magnets or simple handles, while others use plastic bristles. And if you’re concerned about germs or don’t like unsightly waste in your bathroom, other manufacturers offer electronic toilet brushes that dissolve when flushed. No matter which type you choose, make sure it is certified by an independent organization like Green Seal or EcoLogo before investing in any product. Even with a green label on its package, read up on reviews to make sure it will do what you need.

Reusable Bags & Lunch Boxes

There are a ton of reusable bags and lunch boxes on Amazon with great reviews. Plus they’re better for our environment—and usually come at a fraction of what you’d pay in store-bought reusable bags. For around $10 you can get an inexpensive set that will last you years, if not forever (just make sure to clean them after every use!). Some of our favorites include: Sili Straw Bag (for drinks), North American Bear Company Lunch Box , FOMM Eco-Friendly Plastic Free Reusable Water Bottle (stainless steel), Nesting Cutlery Set . Be sure to check out these other options here .

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Electric toothbrushes

Conventional toothbrushes are made with plastic bristles and require frequent replacement. Electric toothbrushes are a good alternative if you’re looking to make an eco-friendly dent in your daily routine. Electric brushes typically come with battery-powered moving bristles or ultrasonic heads that vibrate while they clean; unlike regular brushes, they require no replacement parts or charging. Just note that these types of brushes need to be charged so you may want to consider other options if having access to a plug isn’t a given (for example, on camping trips). Fortunately for Earth Day shoppers, brushing up on your oral health is actually an environmentally-friendly choice because many types of conventional toothpaste contain toxins and foaming agents that can pollute our air and water supplies.

100% Organic Cotton Pads and Tampons

There are several brands that sell organic cotton tampons and pads. Though they may be more expensive than their conventional counterparts, they are a great option if you are looking to go green in your period care routine. They also come with biodegradable applicators (not plastic) which makes them very environmentally friendly. The two brands we recommend are Natracare’s Organic Cotton Tampons and Renew Life’s Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads. If you prefer pads to tampons then Avanti makes biodegradable pads as well. Another popular option is reusable menstrual cups such as the Diva Cup. These cups are inserted into the vagina during menstruation and collect blood instead of absorbing it like disposable sanitary pads or tampons do. Once inserted, you simply empty the cup when it’s full by pulling on the stem until all of the liquid has been released. The Diva Cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone so it is latex-free and does not contain any harmful chemicals; it is safe for people who have sensitive skin or allergies. It is both convenient and economical because you only need one cup throughout your entire period instead of disposing of many disposable products every month. And it has a shelf life of 10 years so there’s no need to worry about replacement costs!