Pluralsight TQ Enterprise platform assessment answers pdf

The Pluralsight TQ Enterprise platform assessment is designed to evaluate an organization’s use and implementation of the TQ Enterprise platform. The assessment provides answers and insights into how the platform is being utilized within the organization, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. The assessment covers a range of topics, including task management, project management, team collaboration, and document management. By understanding the organization’s current usage of the platform, the assessment helps to identify ways to optimize the platform’s features and functions, resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and overall success.

Pluralsight TQ enterprise platform assessment answers pdf

Q. A major coffee retailer seeks IT Company A’s help to improve its supply chain management. IT Company A should suggest an enterprise platform utilizing which type of process?

Ans: The Core Processing process

Q. A business wants to use a new platform to help data flow between third-party platforms or between a platform and its own in-house systems. Which platform is useful in this scenario?

Ans: Database Platform as a Service (DPaaS)

Q. A software company offers a web-based suite of Human Capital Management applications covering payroll, benefits, hiring, and recruiting. However, the software can only be run as delivered. Is this an example of a platform model?

Ans: No, because a platform includes customization and extensibility.

Q. Which statement is true of an enterprise platform?

Ans: Enterprise platforms can help organizations meet their goals without integrating other applications.

Q. Which platform is dedicated to Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Ans: Salesforce

Q. Which of the following are among the “Big Six” enterprise platform partners used by IT Company A’s IPS business?

Ans:Oracle and Workday

Q. A company is struggling to keep track of its transactional information, complicating attempts to find new sales opportunities and conduct effective marketing campaigns. Which type of platform provider can help this company?

Ans. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Q. Which process of the enterprise platform interacts with vendors and manages the entire supply chain for a retail client?

Ans: Core Processing

Q. A world-wide organization is concerned the rise in cyber-attacks will eventually affect the company. The organization has accumulated a large amount of sensitive data and wants to put policies in place to protect it. How will platforms benefit this organization?

Ans: Platforms will only run processes, but not store data. Data will be stored in company servers.

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