[Solved mcq]What is a Current Concern regarding the advancement of Quantum Computing?

 What is a current concern regarding the advancement of quantum computing?

a) Computers will replace humans in all decision-making tasks.

b) Steering qubits towards desired states will introduce bias.

c) Algorithmic trading may cause stock market instability.

d) Existing cryptography may be easily cracked.

Answer : d) Existing cryptography may be easily cracked.

A current concern regarding the advancement of quantum computing is that existing cryptography may be easily cracked. Quantum computers have the potential to significantly outperform classical computers in certain tasks, including breaking traditional encryption schemes that rely on the difficulty of factoring large numbers or computing discrete logarithms. This has led to concerns that, once large-scale quantum computers are available, many of the cryptographic protocols that underpin secure communication and e-commerce could be vulnerable to attack.

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In response, researchers are developing new cryptographic protocols that are resistant to quantum attacks, such as post-quantum cryptography, which is designed to be secure against both classical and quantum computers. Nonetheless, the threat of quantum computing breaking existing cryptography remains a significant concern, and there is a need for continued research and development in this area to ensure the security of our digital infrastructure.

 What is current concern regarding the advancement of quantum computing?

  • The current concern regarding the advancement of quantum computing is the potential threat it poses to cryptography and cybersecurity. Quantum computers are capable of breaking traditional encryption algorithms that are currently used to protect sensitive information, which could lead to significant security risks.
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 What are your main concerns about quantum computers? 

  •  Some of the main concerns in the scientific community include the fragility of quantum systems and the difficulty in building and maintaining large-scale quantum computers.

What is the current status of quantum computing?

  • The current status of quantum computing is still in the early stages of development, but there have been significant advancements in recent years, including the demonstration of quantum supremacy by Google in 2019.

What are the latest developments in quantum computing? 

  • The latest developments in quantum computing include the creation of more stable qubits, the development of error-correcting codes, and progress towards building large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computers.

What are the current limitations with quantum computing?

  • The current limitations with quantum computing include the fragility of quantum systems, the challenge of scaling up quantum computers to a large number of qubits, and the difficulty in achieving and maintaining coherence between qubits.

 Which problem is more effective in quantum computing?

  • Certain problems such as integer factorization and searching unstructured databases are believed to be more effective in quantum computing than classical computing.

 What is disadvantage of quantum computing?

  • One disadvantage of quantum computing is the high error rates that can occur due to environmental noise and decoherence.
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 What is the improvement of quantum computing? 

  • The improvement of quantum computing involves building more stable and accurate quantum systems, improving error correction techniques, and developing new quantum algorithms that can outperform classical algorithms.

How will quantum computing improve the future? 

  • Quantum computing has the potential to significantly improve the future by solving problems that are currently intractable using classical computers, such as drug discovery, material design, and optimization problems in various fields.

How is quantum computing going to change the world?

  • Quantum computing is expected to change the world by revolutionizing various industries, including finance, healthcare, and logistics, and potentially enabling the development of new technologies that are currently beyond our reach.

 What is the main advantage of quantum computing?

  • The main advantage of quantum computing is its ability to solve problems exponentially faster than classical computers for certain types of problems, which could have significant implications for various industries and fields.