State Farm Drive Safe and Save ( Ultimate Guide)

State Farm Drive Safe and Save program may be a fantastic opportunity for drivers with State Farm car insurance to reduce their monthly premiums. According to State Farm, drivers can participate and save up to 30% while also receiving a first-time discount just for joining the state farm drive safe and save program. If you have a 2020 model year or later Ford or Lincoln vehicle, you can use the Connected Car function to get started, or you can download a smartphone app.

State Farm Drive Safe and Save

What’s the easiest way to save big on car insurance? Start with your driving habits, that’s what. According to State Farm, the best drivers in America save more than $600 per year on car insurance over their counterparts who have higher accident and violation rates. So here’s how you can become one of the best drivers in America! You can also checkout our article about pros and cons of drive safe and save program.

What is State Farm Drive Safe and Save program?

The State Farm Drive Safe and Save Telematics program tracks the driving behaviors of enrolled policyholders using a mobile app and the supplied Bluetooth beacon. Drivers can participate in the telematics program without a Bluetooth beacon, if their vehicle is equipped with an OnStar system. The information gathered relates to driving habits such as hard braking, hard acceleration, distracted driving, driving hours, sharp bends, and more.

The cost of insurance policies for safer drivers tends to be lower to a greater extent due to their documented driving behaviors. Drivers receive insurance premium discounts ranging from 5% to 50%.

State Farm Drive safe and Save App

Both the App Store and Google Play have given the Drive Safe and Save app ratings of 4.6 out of 5.0 and 4.2 out of 5.0 respectively. The majority of Drive Safe and Save reviews mention how user-friendly the software is and how it keeps drivers aware of their driving habits. On both platforms, users have expressed frustration that the app occasionally wrongly ranks their driving; particularly if they have to swerve to escape a collision.

How does State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save work?

To calculate premium savings, the telematics program tracks and examines the driving traits of participating policyholders. This scheme will likely be beneficial to policyholders with low mileage and safe driving habits because discounts are assessed at the conclusion of each coverage period.

State Farm will track your driving habits to calculate how much you can save on your car insurance, whether you use the app or the Connected Car option. Additionally, you may use Amazon Alexa to check the status and value of the Drive Safe and Save discount. The program is optional, and drivers who, due to their driving behavior, are unable to qualify for a discount will not be subject to an increase in their auto insurance premiums following the program’s completion.

State Farm might make it simple if all you want to do is drive and save. The business created a telematics service for auto insurance that monitors specific driving habits and offers you a discount based on how safely you drive.

Drive Safe and Save is a program that offers insurance discounts to drivers who take smart steps to minimize their risks, such as driving sober and obeying the speed limit. Drivers can earn up to 30% off their State Farm auto insurance premiums by taking five simple steps. The first step is not to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The second step is to buckle your seat belt every time you get in the car. The third step is not to text and drive (this applies for any device). Fourth, always obey speed limits. And lastly, turn off your phone while driving so you are focused on what’s ahead of you on the road and not behind you in traffic (if using hands-free technology).

How to enroll State Farm Drive Safe and Save program?

Drive Safe and Save is easy to enroll in. It takes just one minute to sign up with this program through your phone app. The app alerts you when you are near a designated DWI checkpoint. You can install the app on your phone and receive an alert when you’re near an established DWI checkpoint.

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For Mobile Phone Users

You may download the Drive Safe and Save app for free from the App Store or Google Play. To install it, stick to these steps:

To acquire a link to download the software from Google Play or the App Store, text “SAVE” to 42407. You will not be able to download the app if your smartphone is incompatible with the one you received through the link.
Utilize your user ID and password from to log in to the installed app.

After completing your enrolment, you will get your Bluetooth beacon in the mail.

As soon as they deliver your beacon, please take it to your car and set it up according to the app’s simple setup instructions.

In order to monitor your driving behaviour and performance, State Farm might also send you a tiny beacon the size of a quarter that you could mount on your windshield. Check your score as you drive! It is that simple.

Drive Safe and Save: How does it work? Simple enough: the software receives information about your driving habits from your phone, which tracks them. You must therefore have your Bluetooth and location settings active while you are driving.

Connected car

You can skip the app and sign up for the program using State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save Connected Car option if your Ford or Lincoln is a 2020 model or newer:

Add your car to the “Garage” section of the FordPass or Lincoln Way mobile application (depending on the make of your car).
Inform your State Farm representative that you wish to sign up for Drive Safe and Save.
The next time you start your car, an in-vehicle agreement ought to appear. You’ll be enrolled once you submit the form!

Onstar technology equipped cars

You won’t be able to use the mobile app as long as they continue to equip your car with OnStar technology. If you have a current OnStar account with access to the company’s satellite-based tracking technology, it can share your driving habits with State Farm. Give State Farm’s customer service department a call at 888-559-1922 and let them know the specifics of your OnStar plan so they can enroll you. Your qualified car is often registered quickly by an agent.

What is Tracked by Drive Safe and Save app?

You now understand how the system operates, but what exactly does Drive Safe and Save track? Drive Safe and Save is a usage-based and telematics service, which means it keeps track of your driving patterns and mileage. The connected car program or the app will monitor a number of aspects of your driving, including:


If you accelerate too quickly, you may lose control of your vehicle and run the risk of getting in an accident.
Faster acceleration and rapid braking can both be indicators of risky driving practices. It could be possible to slow down more smoothly if you maintain a safe space from the car in front of you.


Telematics can monitor quick, sharp corners, which are typically not considered to be safe driving practices. You may be less in control of your car when making quick or sudden bends, which could cause accidents.


One of the riskiest driving practices, speeding can result in more frequent and serious accidents. You might get a bigger discount in the Drive if you adhere to the posted speed limit.

Phone use

Despite the fact that using a mobile phone while driving is clearly dangerous, many people continue to do so. If you use your phone, the Drive Safe and Save technology might detect it and lower your earned discount level. Utilizing a phone less while driving will boost your State Farm Drive Safe and Save discount while making the roads safer for everyone.

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Time of day

If at all possible, stay off the road during rush hour. That frequently includes morning and evening rush hour traffic as well as late-night travel.

State Farm compiles all these elements and incorporates them into your Drive Safe and Save grades, which give the company an overview of your driving prowess. Your discount percent is determined using these grades. You may be able to receive a sizable reduction on your auto insurance, if you drive carefully and steer clear of dangers like forceful braking and speeding.

What is a good Drive Safe and Save percentage score?

A rating of 88 might be used to classify you as a B+ driver, which is much better than the typical driver. In contrast to high school grades, Smart Driver scores are not cumulative. Your Smart Driver score will increase over time as your driving improves with constant feedback and suggestions for raising it.

How to turn off State Farm Drive Safe and Save?

Your agent is probably your best bet if you’re unsure of how to stop the State Farm Drive Safe and Save program. The app won’t be able to record a trip if you decide to turn off your phone’s Bluetooth and location services while you’re driving. The software could potentially be uninstalled. However, since you will still be enrolled in the program, there can be repercussions for your behavior. You should probably get in touch with your agent to talk about ending the program.

How does State Farm Drive Safe and Save help you save money?

State Farm will evaluate your driving safety when renewing your policy using the information from Drive Safe and Save app. It may assign a discount to your policy, which can be up to 30% off, based on the variables it measures, like acceleration, braking, and other benchmarks. According to State Farm, the best drivers in America save more than $600 per year on car insurance over their counterparts who have higher accident and violation rates

State Farm Drive Safe and Save Savings After a year

The program rewards customers for their safe driving habits by providing discounts on auto insurance. Customers are rewarded with one point for every two years of consecutive, safe driving; then, those points can be redeemed for a discount of up to 20%. As long as your insurance remains active and you continue to drive safely, you’ll continue to earn points and receive discounts. With such a low initial threshold for earning points – just two years of consecutive safe driving – this program is open to all State Farm customers. It doesn’t matter how many claims or tickets you’ve had in the past. If you keep yourself safe on the road now, the future will look bright when it comes time to renew your policy!

How is Drive Safe and Save discount calculated?

On the Drive Safe and Save mobile app, Drive Safe & Save records your fundamental driving habits in addition to the actual miles you’ve travelled, which are combined to determine the discount. Every six months, the app runs its algorithm to determine the discount.

This policy mandates that drivers receive a bluetooth beacon to track their driving. Drivers who enroll in this program for the first six months are given a report card with grades for various driving behaviors, such as turning, time of day, and forceful braking. You are given a projected discount based on your grades, and you can concentrate on improving your driving to raise both your grades and your discount. Additionally,Current users have also mentioned that your mileage is given a lot of consideration while calculating discounts.

What are the Requirements for State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save program?

The requirements for State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save program are:

  • A valid State Farm auto policy with liability coverage of at least $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident.
  • An active MyStateFarm® online account.
  • A compatible device, such as an Apple iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet. – A wireless data plan.
  • Accurate odometer readings.
  • Location services enabled on your mobile device and in the Location Services settings on your iOS device (Settings > Privacy > Location Services). Your device will not work if these features are turned off.
  • The ability to read text messages sent from the Drive Safe and Save service to your mobile phone number via SMS text message.
  • Ability to answer a short, quick survey about how you drive every 30 days. If you don’t complete this survey, you may be eligible for a reduced payout if there is a crash covered by your auto insurance policy and reported by the Drive Safe and Save service.
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Do I qualify for the Drive Safe and Save program?

By choosing the Drive Safe and Save program, responsible drivers could receive a sizable reduction in their insurance cost. You may benefit from program discounts shown in your rate by maintaining low-risk driving.

Given that there is no chance of premium increases as a result of participation in the program, it might also be an useful alternative for people who want to improve their driving habits. Tickets and traffic stops are not tracked by the program. You might not be able to take advantage of Drive Safe and Save’s maximum discount if you frequently travel vast distances as part of your daily commute.

Young drivers may also benefit from usage-based insurance. State Farm drive safe and save program can provide you with an informal means of knowing how well your teen or young adult driver is performing behind the wheel so you can assist them in becoming a safer and more knowledgeable driver.

Can you cheat using Drive Safe and Save?

To evaluate if you are qualified for a discount and how much of a discount to give you, Drive Safe and Save looks at your actual driving behaviors. You can learn more about your driving behavior with the application, and you might even see improvements. A program-cheating attempt will simply prevent you from learning safer driving techniques. Even worse, if the firm determines that you cheated the system by reporting incorrect data, your entire policy could be canceled.

How to Trick State Farm Drive Safe and save

Avoid driving too quickly: According to a Transport survey, most motorists exceed the posted speed limit, particularly on highways. Over 20% of traffic accidents are caused by excessive speed.

You may think of yourself as a savvy multi-risk taker, so keep your eyes on the road. However, did you know that people can only focus on one cognitive task at a time? While driving, it is impossible to text, change the radio station, eat, or engage in any other activity while paying full attention to what is going on around you.

Make sure your tyres are properly inflated; driving with underinflated tyres makes it harder for your car to handle. Additionally, your braking distance lengthens. Regular tyre pressure checks are advised. Additionally, you’ll need to change your tyres more regularly because under-inflated tyres have a negative impact on tread wear and increase the risk of tyre blowouts. Finally, be aware that driving with incorrect tyre pressure will reduce your fuel efficiency.

Final Words on State Farm Drive Safe and Save

Even though there is very little risk involved, State Farm Drive Safe and Save program has the potential to result in a sizable savings.

It is unquestionably beneficial for eligible drivers to take part in the programme, but just like w ith all other programmes of this kind, participants must moderate their expectations. For instance, it is unlikely that you will save 50% on your auto insurance.If someone wants to cut their monthly expenses as much as possible, they should drive safely and save.

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