Ten Effective ways :How to Annoy your Horrible Neighbours ?

How to Annoy Your Neighbors and Make Their Lives Miserable

Have you got the worst neighbors in the world? Well, if not, are you tired of them being so noisy and smelly? If yes, then here’s your guide on how to annoy your neighbors and make their lives miserable! It’s fun, it’s easy and trust us when we say it’ll make your life easier, too!

Put your trash in their yard.
Many people underestimate how easy it is to annoy your neighbor. For example, one of the best ways is putting trash in their yard. It may seem obvious at first, but the key is getting creative. Don’t just put a few empty beer cans there – this won’t take long for them to notice what’s going on and dispose of the trash themselves (plus they will get the satisfaction of getting you back). Instead, make a habit out of dumping different things over there: loose change, used tissues, sticky gum – anything goes! As an added bonus, it’s healthy for you too as these type of habits make you more physically active each day! You’ll be fitter than ever before. Plus, don’t forget about checking on the progress when you come home from work or errands. You can see all the little piles that have accumulated from your hard work and how disgusting it all looks (and smells) so far. When walking by, try making a mean face or yelling hey! if they happen to look outside – that should keep them occupied while they clean up all your mess!

Get a lot of packages delivered.

  1. Go to a site like Amazon and find items that you need but would never buy for yourself. 2. Buy as many as possible of them, remembering not to go too high or you’ll get flagged as suspiciously buying a lot of things from one vendor. 3. Choose something with a relatively long shipping time–upwards of 5 days is best (like large appliances or an insanely heavy product). 4. Recalculate your total order value so that it’s just over the free-shipping threshold–you want the package weighed around the 20 pound range, making it more expensive for your neighbors who must carry it inside on their own. 5. Order a bunch of these packages at once so they are delivered all at once in as short amount of time as possible. 6. If you have access to your neighbor’s home address, make sure that these deliveries happen during daylight hours when they will be home and will have to walk back out to retrieve them–that way they are trapped there until the shipment arrives and can’t leave until it does! 7. If you don’t know where they live, call local stores in their area and ask about recent purchases (I found this works especially well if you claim that someone has stolen your credit card number). 8.

Make loud, late-night parties.
Step 1. Get a lot of people together. Step 2. Keep on partying for days, until the noise and disruption reaches a tipping point where it’s the only thing everyone in your building is talking about. Step 3. Shut down your party when the landlord shows up at your door with an eviction notice because you never formally signed a lease or made an arrangement with him before getting started on this endeavor that might just make him very angry indeed about all the hours he’s spent asking people politely if they can please quiet down. Now he knows how those poor folks who live below the one guy who likes to sing Katy Perry songs in his car feel every day around dinnertime.

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Let your pets run loose.
There are many things you can do to annoy your neighbors. The easiest way is letting your pets run loose. If they’re big dogs, they could scare people or knock items off a front porch; if they’re small cats, they could pee on their plants or knock down their mailboxes with a really hard rain of a scratch. If they don’t have pets, you can start by washing their cars without asking them and then not thanking them for allowing you to do so-not even mentioning that you did it at all. When they ask why their car is wet, just shrug and act as though it’s no big deal. They’ll be furious about how you left their vehicle looking like the bottom of a swimming pool! You might want to think about this one too: when the mailman brings someone else’s mail to your mailbox, take theirs instead. They’ll come out onto the street in confusion while they try and figure out where they put their delivery, but now they won’t be able to get any bills until the post office gets another letter addressed to them.
With these ideas in mind, there should be no reason why anyone would want to live near an annoying person ever again!

Add noise pollution.

  1. How to make your neighbors hear really loud noise every night for weeks?
  2. Use a jackhammer right outside your window every morning at 7 am.
  3. Explode fireworks in their yard all day on the 4th of July.
  4. How do I get rid of my noisy neighbor’s barking dog?
  5. How do I keep construction out of my bedroom all week long? Build a wall around your property line, but leave one part open so you can put your stereo speakers there. 6. How do I find out what time they go to bed? Put an alarm clock outside their door that goes off every hour. Leave them anonymous phone messages telling them when you’ll be coming over next. Hide weird items in their lawn or bushes. Drive by slowly while blaring obnoxious music from your car windows. Plant bushes near the edge of your property that will eventually grow taller than theirs, making it harder to see into their yard or house. Leave signs with things like No parking or Keep out where they can see them from inside the house (make sure not to plant any plants near these signs). Leave a sign saying something like Warning: Bears live here.
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Block the street with your car.
How would you like it if one day you left your car in the driveway and went inside only to come back out a few hours later to find your car blocking the entire street? It may be a pretty annoying feeling, but that’s exactly what I do. Sure, it’s not the most neighborly thing in the world, but just wait until they start complaining about how they can’t park their cars. If they won’t do anything then I’ll eventually get tired of leaving my car there too! Why am I going through all this trouble anyway? Well, every so often my neighbors will have friends over or family members visiting. They never ask me beforehand to move my car so they can drive into the street. How rude is that? Whenever they do this I either throw a small tantrum or make them deal with an awkward situation by asking them why they couldn’t call ahead of time to move my car (I usually smile while saying this). Once people know how much these little things annoy me, nobody has ever forgotten again.

Install an expensive alarm system.
Neighborly disputes are often more related to noise than anything else. It doesn’t matter whether the sound is from your car alarm or a garbage truck, if you live near other people, then at some point you’ll have to deal with their noise as well. You can protect yourself by installing an expensive alarm system that will give neighbors something new to complain about. Just make sure the obnoxious beeping sound isn’t jarring for anyone living nearby because this one weird trick might end up backfiring in the end. If you want to go another route entirely, consider hiring some kids to skateboard around the neighborhood with their boom box blaring music at all hours of the night.
It’s also important not to stop after just one incident of annoying your neighbors – they’re bound to get used it after a while. Keep coming up with new ways to torture them every day!
For example, build an in-ground pool right next door so that they have no peace during summertime (plus it will flood when there’s rain!).

Turn off your smoke detectors while cooking dinner.
Living near someone can be an absolute drag, but what can you do about it? How about taking some inspiration from Redditors who know how to truly drive their neighbors up the wall? In this blog post I’m going to share with you just a few tips on how you too can annoy your neighbors and make their lives miserable. To start, turning off your smoke detectors while cooking dinner is a great way to really ruin their day. Not only will they be sure they’re going out of their mind with hearing loss, but it’ll also send up red flags at fire stations around the area. Cooking over an open flame (i.e., grilling) is another popular choice for those looking to get back at their neighbors by releasing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into the air. And as long as we’re on the topic of something that creates air pollution, let’s not forget about how annoying loud car stereos are for those living nearby! Trust me when I say that if you want to get back at your neighbor in a big way, starting or continuing these habits should do the trick!

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Get parking tickets, then write them fake checks.
One way to annoy your neighbors is by getting parking tickets. They will start yelling at you for not taking care of the parking tickets, but that’s not the end of their misery. Next, write them fake checks in excess so they won’t want to cash it because they know you don’t have the money. This will lead them on a wild goose chase just looking for more checks, while making sure they never find out that it’s all a big joke. If they ever do find out, remind them how much fun you had torturing them and tell them that this is just some friendly rivalry between the two houses. If there are other annoying things you can do, like make a bunch of noise in the middle of the night, play loud music as loud as possible until people come over to ask you to turn it down (and then say I can’t hear what you’re saying), or lock up one side of their house when they’re not home…do them! The list goes on forever!

Throw loud (but harmless!) fireworks displays in your backyard every week.
If you have annoying neighbors, this should do the trick! After all, who doesn’t love fireworks? Now, I’ll grant you that it may not be practical for everybody – especially if you live in an apartment or have pets. But if your neighbors live in a more isolated area, there’s really no better way to piss them off. Plus, they’re harmless – just loud. (And yes we are mature enough that we know not to play with matches.) You can also annoy your neighbor by ringing their doorbell incessantly when they’re at home.: And if you don’t like either of these options, then we recommend spraying graffiti on their property.
There’s nothing worse than waking up from a deep sleep only to find graffiti sprayed across the side of your house while someone rang your doorbell repeatedly and laughed at you through the window. It would make anyone angry!

There are a lot of ways to annoy your neighbors and make their lives miserable. If you’re bored, or just looking for some practical jokes, these simple methods should do the trick. Just make sure to be careful with what you decide to do, because if they want revenge they can always find a way back at you in one form or another. Keep your identity hidden if you plan on doing any pranks so that it’s harder for them to come after you later on. Good luck!