User personas are created during this phase


User personas are created during this phase.

Discover stage

Develop stage

Design stage

None of the options

Answer: Design stage 

Explanation ( User personas are created during design phase )

User personas are fictional characters that represent the different types of users who will interact with the product or service being designed. They are created based on user research data and are used as a tool to help designers understand the needs, goals, behaviors, and motivations of their target users.

During the Design stage of the UX design process, designers use the information gathered during the Discover and Develop stages to create the user personas. The personas help designers to empathize with their users and design solutions that meet their specific needs and goals. By creating user personas, designers can develop a deep understanding of their users, which helps to guide design decisions and create more effective and user-centered solutions.

In summary, the Design stage of the UX design process is where user personas are typically created based on the insights gained during the earlier stages of the process.

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