What is an example of something that can be done through personal automation?


What is an example of something that can be done through personal automation?

 A. creating a web-based calendar reminder for birthdays
B. using chatbots to answer customers’ technical queries
C. reading and analyzing the language in customer e-mails
D. scanning job applications to identify qualified candidates

 An example of something that can be done through personal automation is creating a web-based calendar reminder for birthdays.

 Personal automation involves using technology to automate tasks and processes in your personal life, such as managing your schedule, organizing your finances, or tracking your health goals. By setting up a web-based calendar reminder for birthdays, you can ensure that you never forget to wish your friends and family members a happy birthday. This can be done using a variety of calendar and reminder apps, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook. With this type of personal automation, you can free up mental space and reduce the cognitive load of remembering important dates, allowing you to focus on other things that matter to you.

Here are ten examples of personal automation:

  1. Setting up a routine to turn off all the lights in your house when you leave for work in the morning.
  2. Automatically adjusting the temperature in your home based on your schedule and preferences.
  3. Using a smart coffee maker to automatically brew coffee at a specific time each morning.
  4. Setting reminders and notifications for important events and deadlines using a productivity app.
  5. Automatically backing up important files and documents to cloud storage.
  6. Automatically downloading and organizing podcasts, music, and other media.
  7. Using a personal finance app to automatically track your spending and savings.
  8. Automating your workout routine using a fitness tracker or app.
  9. Automatically tracking your sleep patterns and adjusting your bedtime routine accordingly.
  10. Using automation to schedule and send birthday and anniversary greetings to friends and family.
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 Personal automation refers to the process of automating tasks or activities that are traditionally performed by humans. This can involve creating web-based reminders, using robots to perform household chores, utilizing Robo-advisors to manage financial portfolios, or setting up automatic bill payment systems. By automating these tasks, individuals can save time, reduce stress, and improve their quality of life. With personal automation, individuals can focus on other important things such as spending time with family or pursuing hobbies.

For instance, an insurance underwriter can use personal automation to extract information from external systems for risk evaluation. An insurance relationship manager can also set up personal automation to verify and reconcile data in a customer relationship management (CRM) system. These are just a few examples of how personal automation can be implemented in different industries to improve efficiency and productivity.