Accenture TQ Data Assessment Questions and Answers


Accenture TQ Data Assessment Questions and Answers

Q. How can the adoption of a data platform simplify data governance for an organization?

Ans: by implementing models that predict compliance with data protection and data privacy policies

Q. Which comprehensive approach should companies follow to trust and use data as a critical differentiator?

Ans: Develop clear data governance policies with a strong data strategy.

Q. Everyone within a company needs to be aware of what data can do to improve business processes and how to make it happen. Which concept is referred to in the statement above?

Ans: data literacy

Q1. What does IT Company A help businesses implement to ensure their data is trustworthy and reliable?

Ans: data governance and management policies

Q2. Which technologies combine to make data a critical organizational asset?

Ans: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Q3. A mobile application delivers market predictions based on stock data from the stock market data platform. Knowing that the data platform can stream its data, how should the application interact with the data platform to deliver predictions in real time?

Ans: interact programmatically through the data platform API (application programming interface)

Q4.A large hotel chain approaches IT Company A for advice. The company has accumulated a vast amount of data during its years of business but is uncertain how to put the data to use. How can IT Company A best help this client?

Ans: by helping the client develop an enterprise-wide data and analytics strategy

Q5. What is an example of Big Data?

Ans: providing real-time data feeds on millions of people with wearable devices

Q6. What does data warehousing allow organizations to achieve?

Ans: allows for analytics and reporting across the entire organization

Q7. How does IT Company A help companies harness the power of data to achieve optimal business outcomes?

Ans: They help companies think about and define the “art of the possible” with their data assets.

Q8. What is the most important action that organizations should take with the data they capture about their customers?

Ans: Determine if the correct amount of data has been collected.

Q9. Why is Data-Driven Analytics of interest to companies?

Ans: It gives companies the ability to make informed decisions.

Q10. What is an advantage of using a fully integrated Cloud-based data analytics platform?

Ans: It provides the computing power needed to convert raw data into meaningful information for decision makers.

Q11. The Department Manager researches new data platforms for the company and requests a list of essential features. Which essential features should the list include?

Ans: centralization, dashboards, programmatic access

Q12. Which technologies combine to make data a critical organizational asset?

Ans: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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